Sonic WS2 Battery Operated Water Softener


For properties with up to 4 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Battery Powered



Sonic WS2  Electronic Water Softener Information – NOW WITH HARMONICS!

The WS2 is an Electronic Water Softener and Descaler that softens hard water, removes limescale and prevents limescale from forming, is easy to install and requires no maintenance.

A new upgrade was implemented a few years ago with the introduction of HARMONICSThis means that ALL WS2 units now purchased broadcast an additional range of harmonics which substantially increase the effectiveness of the unit.

Listed below are just some of the benefits of installing an WS2 Water Softener unit.

  • Use batteries for power rather than mains electricity
  • Treats 4+ bedroom house
  • Removes existing limescale
  • Prevents new limescale forming
  • Protects and extends the life of your appliances
  • Reduces your heating bills
  • Kinder to skin and hair
  • Water remains potable so it can be used for drinking and cooking
  • Easy to install
  • Guaranteed to work and guaranteed to last (see guarantees)
  • No plumbing or chemicals
  • Cost £2.00 a year to run
  • Cuts energy costs – ECOFRIENDLY
  • Treats pipes up to 50 mm diameter
  • Computerised microchip technology
  • Made in the U.K. by people who care
  • Used by professionals
  • H:64mm W:115mm D:46mm
  • Mains Lead: 2m long
  • Aerial: 1 x 1.5m long (jack both ends)

The WS3 & WS4 are the same as items 1 and 2 above but use batteries for power rather than mains electricity and so we can us ethe same information but just make sure we clearly state that they are battery operated and average battery life is normally  ????? TBC


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