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Beer Line Cleaning Solutions


Beer Line Cleaning Solutions

About Flux

Elemental Flux uses market-leading digital technology to reduce the build-up of yeasts, proteins and bio-films that occur in beer lines and taint your beer. Through the use of electro-magnetic radio waves, passed through the beer lines as the beer exits the kegs the clumping of yeast particles is prevented, therefore stopping them from sticking to the beer lines.

Beer quality is maintained and often enhanced. Also beer lines remain cleaner for longer, allowing cleaning frequency to be extended from 1 week up to 6 weeks.

Installation requires no changes to your existing cellar set-up. The equipment never comes in to contact with the beer and you can carry on serving throughout. When your lines do need cleaning you simply follow your existing process.

Savings with Flux

Reduce line cleaning &
start saving immediately

To better understand the scale of the savings you can make with monthly beer line cleaning, we have used a typical example below, of a customer cellar set up and the additional revenue that can be generated by installing a Flux System.

  • Up to 6 weeks between line cleans. We guarantee at least once-a-month.
  • The best devices available on the market, manufactured by Us right here in England.
  • Fantastic parts & performance, no-quibble guarantees.
  • Completely non-invasive – our devices never come into contact with your beer.
  • Alteration-free. No cellar parts are disconnected or removed during installation.
  • Absolutely outstanding customer service! We arrive when scheduled & are always available.

FLux system features

Extend weekly line cleaning to 4-6
week cycle without affecting quality,
taste or pour of your beer

All of our products are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards. We only use premium quality components from the best suppliers. Our products exceed insurance requirements, are approved for use by breweries and comply with the Low Voltage Directive. The casings we use are IP66 rated, being completely dust tight and resistant to multi-directional low-pressure water jets – so they are safe to hose-down when cleaning. The DigiSine technology behind Flux has been scientifically tested and proven by the Department of Sonics at Coventry University.

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