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At Elemental we are solving the biggest areas of wastage in hospitality. Operators need to cut costs, improve operational processes and be more sustainable. Elemental are constantly adding new products and services that enhance the bottom line!


Line Cleaning

Elemental Flux uses market-leading digital technology to reduce the build-up of yeasts, proteins and bio-films that occur in beer lines and taint your beer. Through the use of electro-magnetic radio waves, passed through the beer lines as the beer exits the kegs the clumping of yeast particles is prevented, therefore stopping them from sticking to the beer lines.


Smart Controller

The Terra Controller monitors the air temperature in the cellar and controls the main AC chiller, automatically switching it on and off as required to maintain the keg temperature at 12 degrees. The resultant savings in electricity costs have been tested and been proven to be in the region of £1,100 per year.


Limescale Remover

The Sonic system is a small, easy to install product that can provide a home or commercial premises with soft water at reduced costs. The system uses proven technology to treat the water where it flows through the existing plumbing using electro-magnetic frequencies to prevent calcium build up along the system.

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