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One Cellar + Two Bars

To help you see how it all works and the big savings you can make with monthly beer line cleaning, we have given a typical example below, of typical customer cellar set up and the additional revenue they generated by installing a Flux System.

Traditional Cleaning Flux Cleaning Flux Savings
Line Cleans per Month 4 1 12 Hours per month
Monthly Beer Loss 192 Pints 48 Pints 144 Pints per month
Monthly Loss @ RSP £672.00 £168.00 £504.00 per month
Annual Loss @ RSP £8,736.00 £2,184.00 £6,552.00 per year
5 Year Loss @ RSP £43,680 £10,920 £32,760.00 per year
  • In this example there are eight product lines, each with a 3 pint pull through and we have assumed a Retail Selling Price (RSP) of a pint of £3.50.
  • Venue #1 generated an additional £32,760 over the 5 year guarantee period, just by fitting a Flux System
  • The cost of the Flux System for Venue #1 is approximately £2,088.00

For a full quotation, please Request a Price. Flux will produce a comprehensive letter outlining your wastage, savings and system costs over the full 5 year guarantee period. The letter is ideal if you need to discuss Flux with committee members.

Help Save The Earth

Aside from savings in time, money and labour that Flux gives, it also increases your green credentials by saving valuable natural resources.

Extend weekly line cleaning to 4-6 week cycle with¬out affecting quality, taste or pour of your beer
All of our products are manufactured in-house in the UK to the highest standards. We only use premium quality components from the best suppliers. Our products exceed insurance requirements, are approved for use by breweries and comply with the Low Voltage Directive. The casings we use are IP66 rated, being completely dust tight and resistant to multi-directional low-pressure water jets – so they are safe to hose-down when cleaning. The DigiSine technology behind Flux has been scientifically tested and proven and a detailed report is available from the Department of Sonics at Coventry University.


Over a five year period venue # 1 saves around 2000 gallons of water and venue #2, with splits, saves almost 4000 gallons.


75% less hazardous cleaning chemicals flushed into the water system.


The Flux System operates on a 12 volt power supply; so, unlike costly automated systems it doesn’t cost the earth – saving your bank balance and valuable natural resources.

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Cellar Cooler

Annual Electricity savings of £1200 per annum per cellar



Up to 40% annual savings on Heating Bill

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