“Annual electricity savings of £1,100 per annum”


Cellar Cooler

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The Smart Cellar System

Cellar chilling costs average £3,000 per annum. By installing our Terra Smart Controller and one of our Terra Smart Remote units it is possible to save in excess of £1,100 per annum.

Terra Smart Controller Advantages

Plug and play control box

30% + saving in main cellar cooler costs

Switches off main cellar chiller between 12pm and 8am and peak electricity cost hours (4 – 7pm)

If cellar temperature increases to or beyond 17 degrees, sensor detects and switches chiller back on

Beer is maintained at all times at the recommended 12 degrees.

FYI beer in the keg increases in temperature at a much slower rate than the surrounding temperature.

Annual savings of £1,100+ per year

Annual Savings Explained

Cold Period

Which we took to be below 10 degrees: 94 Days

Mid Period

Which we took to be 10-15.5 degrees: 92 Days

Warm Period

Which we took to be above 15.5 degrees: 179 Days

There will of course be a difference in the amount of electricity used to chill the cellar dependant on the outside temperature. The duty cycle of a chiller will be far higher during the summer or warm period. Therefore, when trialling the system with both Whitbread's and Marstons the outside temperature was split into three different “seasons”. The actual savings for all three periods were between 23% and 54% averaging out at 35%. Full Evidential back up figures and reports are available on request

Whitbread 12 Site Trial Recorded Savings - Smart Cellar

Savings recorded 2016 @ 10p per Kw. Adjusted figures below for 2019 ave @ 14p per Kw. The cost of electricity will of course continue to increase year on year

Trial Site Saving:
Warm Period
179 Days
92 Days
Cold Period
94 Days
Total Saving:
RoI on SmartCellar installed @ £1,500
Average Inn Av Daily Saving:
31.24 Kw x 14p x 179 Days = £782.87
Av Daily Saving:
24.0 kw x 14p x 92 Days = £309.12
Av Daily Saving:
6.72 Kw x 14p x 94 Days = £88.43
Ave Daily Saving
20.71Kw x 14p x 365 Days = £1,180.42
15 Months:
Reducing the average annual electricity consumption by 8,430Kw

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