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At Elemental we are solving the biggest areas of wastage in hospitality. Operators need to cut costs, improve operational processes and be more sustainable. Elemental are constantly adding new products and services that enhance the bottom line!


Beer Technology Solutions

Elemental was set up in 2015, as a London based beverage inventory consultancy company. Since then, it has evolved to offering many other solutions to enhance profitability for our clients across the EU. Its founders’ goal was to provide innovative and logical solutions to their clients, some of which have never been seen before...


Cleaning Beer Lines:
July 27, 2020 |Team Elemental

How Long Can You Actually Go? How long can you go between beer line cleans? It’s a good question. The longer you can go between line cleans WITHOUT impacting the taste or pour of your beer, the better. Each time you clean your beer lines you throw away perfectly good beer. This reduces the amount you sell…