Cleaning Beer Lines:

Cleaning Beer Lines:

How Long Can You Actually Go?

How long can you go between beer line cleans?

It’s a good question.

The longer you can go between line cleans WITHOUT impacting the taste or pour of your beer, the better.

Each time you clean your beer lines you throw away perfectly good beer. This reduces the amount you sell from each barrel and therefore reduces the profitability of the bar.

So, clean your lines less often and waste less beer. Super.

How long can you go?

Our products have been in the market for over 25 years. Our technology has been developed and re-developed, moving from analogue to digital frequency generation in order to maintain its market-leading position.

We’ve had the device tested and proven by the Sonochemistry Department at the University of Coventry, as well as landlords, landladies and bar-keepers up and down the country.

We are confident that our device can allow users to reduce their line cleaning frequency to once every 4 weeks – almost regardless of the cellar conditions. Some customers can get up to 6 weeks between cleans.

This means that FLUX customers can reduce their line cleaning costs and associated beer wastage by at least 75 per cent.

That’s a good number and a great saving!!