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Limescale Remover/Water Softener

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How does the Sonic system work?

By coiling aerials around the cold water feed to a building or individual appliances, a series of very low frequency radio frequencies can be induced electronically into the water.

These frequencies run in BOTH DIRECTIONS in the body of the water and cause the bonding together of tiny impurities, probably atoms of Iron or Lead or other metals to produce clusters. These minuscule “sub-microscopic clusters” are so small that they cannot be seen by normal optical methods.

Remaining in the water in huge quantities for up to 8 hours they nevertheless will start to break up as soon as the water loses connection with the main body of water being treated and the frequencies stop. This is important with water in a header tank, which is unconnected with the rising main. Here the water rapidly loses its conditioned status so it is essential to treat the water again particularly as the water from the header tank goes into the hot water cylinder which scales up rapidly if left untreated. The WS3 unit has been designed for just this purpose as it has two sets of aerials and so can treat the rising main and the cold down service to the hot water cylinder.

Now, when the cold water is heated, the Calcium and Carbonate ions in solution (the dissolved salts of chalk) use these clusters as nuclei for crystal formation instead of the normal deposit areas such as heating elements. The reason for this is that the total surface area of the clusters is so vast that they become the preferred alternative for crystal seeding.

The result is water in which the Calcium and Carbonate ions have deposited out to form what can be likened to “chalk dust” in the body of the water. These tiny crystals remain in suspension and do not form deposits although they can form a white sludge at the bottom of a tank if the water is static.

Once this “chalk dust” has been formed, the surrounding water is now much softer although there will still be some free Calcium ions so the water cannot claim to be totally soft-just softer. The softer water causes Limescale to now gradually break down and eventually even the most scaled up appliance will become free of scale.

What the Experts say:

Electromagnetic Water Conditioners – The Theory by Andrew Goldsworthy 2006

The Science behind the Sonic range by Dr W. Abioun

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