“Annual electricity savings of £1,100 per annum”


Cellar Cooler

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The Smart Cellar System

Smart Remote

Programmable timer that allows remote cooler to be switched off during none trading hours

Each remote cooler disabled for on average 9 hours per day

We program the timer to turn the remote back on for 15 minutes every 2 hours to refresh the water in the python.

Annual savings of £150 per year

Key Benifits

SmartCellar comes with 12 Month warranty

SmartRemote also carries a 12-month warranty

Time delay for Door Alarm is fully adjustable

Easy Visual Indicators allow for quick checking of cellar Status

Visual indicator to show accurate cellar Temperature

IP65 Waterproofed casing for cellar environment

Installation is carried out by qualified technicians and takes no more then 2hrs

If the cellar gets too warm SmartCellar automatically switches the main chiller back on

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Up to 40% annual savings on Heating Bill

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